Apartment Investing

Multifamily Housing Investment Opportunities

Get Larger Returns With Less Work

Too Many Investors are Leaving Money on the Table

Everyone knows that real estate is a good investment. But getting the highest returns is a full-time job of its own. Hansen Holdings allows you, the investor, to passively invest in apartment communities. We locate the deal, coordinate the transaction and financing, and manage the investment once the deal has closed. We can acquire multi million dollars apartments via syndication. A syndication is simply a real estate investment with multiple investors pooling their money to purchase the asset. Passive investors supply most of the capital required in exchange for equity in the real estate. You as a passive investor will receive quarterly mailbox money from the profits of the apartments you are part owner in.

Why Multifamily Apartments?


You can take advantage of leverage in real estate, allowing for the purchase of $10M with only $2.5M.

Cash Flow

Tenants pay all expenses plus provide regular cash profits for all owners.


Depreciation is a free tax write-off that lets you to keep more profits in your pocket.


Multi-family apartments are low volatile, safe investments that have historically outperformed the S&P 500.


Tenants pay down debt on the mortgage, which increases your equity and creates long-term wealth.


Real estate appreciates over time, which increases the value of your equity.

Our Process

We Find the Deals

Hansen Holdings finds deals, negotiates purchase and financing with the seller, and closes the deal.

We Collect Rents

Our professional property management company collects rents from our creditworthy tenants.

You Decide to Invest

Invest on a deal by deal basis with our easy
to read financial analysis. You become a
part-owner in the actual real estate.

You Get Paid

We payout regular cash distribution
and send email updates regarding the
property to you, the investor.


Kings Tree Apartments
Orange Park, FL
70 Units

Villas at Cedar Creek Apartments
Jacksonville, FL
118 Units

Park Place Apartments
Orange Park, FL
64 Units

Millington Oaks Apartments
Memphis, TN
172 Units

Twin Oaks Apartments
Memphis, TN
253 Units