We’re the Hansens!

Hansen Holdings is an alternative investment company owned and operated by the Hansen family — Matt, Renee and their two kids Jake and Paige. 

While everyone was living their respective lives, an interesting series of events put our family in coronavirus quarantine together for six months. This situation led to the idea of starting a family business where we could all work together. Matt & Renee have spent years investing heavily in alternative investments to earn passive income. We decided we could build a successful family business around that and provide “white glove service” to others.

Our family shares a love of pop culture, music and travel. You can often hear us inserting catch phrases and sound bites into conversation. We’ve also traveled the world together making unforgettable memories including a scary 30 minutes when we lost Matt in Istanbul’s Grand Turkish Bazaar!

We have brought all our shared experiences and unique individual talents together to build Hansen Holdings. We currently manage a diverse crypto portfolio and are invested in over 2,000 units of multifamily apartments. Our goal is to help others grow their personal wealth through crypto and real estate investing while having fun doing it!

Your Hansen Holdings Team

Matt Hansen

Matt is an experienced crypto, real estate and venture capital investor. In 2020, he retired from a role as a global director at a Fortune 100 company where he led operations and managed a $400M budget along with mergers & acquisitions. He leads our Asset Management department. Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Marketing & Management and a minor in Economics. In his free time, you can find Matt reading, on the bike trails or spending time with his family. Email Matt at Matt@HansenHoldings.com.

Jake Hansen

Jake is a technology and advanced analytics wizard. He bought his first Bitcoin in 2012 and continues to be an expert in crypto. He has expertise in automated trading bots, quantitative strategies and builds computers to mine cryptocurrencies. Jake leads our Trading and Security departments where he manages investments in both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. He is also an accomplished musician and has led several bands. Email Jake at Jake@HansenHoldings.com.  

Paige Hansen

Paige graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Communications. She has experience in client relations for a boutique financial firm in San Diego where she worked closely with high net worth clients to ensure all of their financial needs were met. For Hansen Holdings, she leads our Investor Relations and Accounting departments. Paige is a foodie at heart and is always looking for a great restaurant, food truck or happy hour. Email Paige at Paige@HansenHoldings.com.

Renee Hansen

Renee has 30 years experience in marketing, publicity and design where she has developed marketing plans, advertising campaigns, websites and is a savvy investor. She leads the Communication and Compliance departments for Hansen Holdings. Renee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Michigan State University. Her hobbies include travel, walking the beach and going to concerts. Email Renee at  Renee@HansenHoldings.com.