Diversify Your Investments

With Hansen Holdings, it’s easier than you think to earn hands-free passive income with real estate investments. You can even put part of your 401K or IRAs into recession-proof real estate investing. Join other savvy investors who are diversifying their portfolio and earning great returns.

The Top Passive Real Estate Investment?

Apartment Buildings

One of the top real estate investments for people who would like to watch their funds grow without all the hassles of being a landlord, is multifamily apartments. Hansen Holdings helps you, the investor, to passively invest in apartment communities.

We do the work of locating deals, coordinating the transaction and financing, and managing the investment once the deal has closed.
As a passive investor, you receive equity in the real estate and become
a part owner.

Getting Started is Simple

Step 1

Join the Investor Circle

Join the Investor Circle (it's free!) This will give us a chance to connect and help us understand your financial goals.

Step 2

Self Direct

Work with our preferred partners to open
a self-directed retirement account or invest with cash.

Step 3


Receive exclusive apartment investing opportunities and start investing!

Step 4


Once you invest, enjoy the benefits of building and protecting your wealth and feel confident about your financial future.

Free Online Training

  • Learn a recession-resistant real estate investing model to add passive income streams and generational wealth using hands-off real estate investing.
  • Discover key criteria to look for when evaluating deals and the unique way we find top real estate investments.
  • Learn the secret Wall Street doesn't want you to know about.

Less Dependence on the Stock Market is Freeing!

We know you want peace of mind when it comes to your investments and your financial future. However, with stock market volatility you are often on a rollercoaster of stress and anxiety. 

You deserve to enjoy the life and rewards that come along with diligently investing your hard earned money. That’s why we created Hansen Holdings. With proven real estate investment opportunities, you can diversify outside of the stock market, get passive returns and feel more at ease with your retirement funds.

Whether you’re brand new to specialized investments or you’re a seasoned investor looking for skilled operators, you’re in the right place!