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Magnolia Point Apartments

227 Units in Jacksonville, FL

Why You’ll Love to Invest in this Deal
  • $38 million purchase price for 227 units
  • Stable 6 year hold, value add opportunity
  • Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida
  • Diverse employment base and growing population
  • Refinance possible in year 3 (51% return on capital)
  • Strong Sponsor Team with a combined 16,000+ units
  • Quarterly distributions of available cash flow

Investment Projection Details:

  • Annualized Return: 15%
  • Cash on Cash (Average): 8%+
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR): 15%
  • Equity Multiple: ~2.0x (100% return on capital)
  • Minimum Investment: $75,000
  • Cash or IRA funds welcomed
An Excellent Value-Add Opportunity

  • Property is in the desirable Southside medical hub area
  • Magnolia is currently 95% occupied with current rents too low and the demand is high (occupancy in Jacksonville is 97%)
  • Current unit rents are at least $450+ below market rents
  • Resprop Management Company has over 5,000 units in Jacksonville and manages our portfolio of 1,000 units
  • Several major employers are located within a short drive of this property
  • We’re taking advantage of low interest rates for great long term debt
  • Previous owner did minimal renovations, allowing us to get a significant discount for this type of property
  • We will perform a cost segregation study and elect 100% of the bonus depreciation to ensure the lowest possible tax treatment for our investors

Here’s How to Invest

This specific offering is a Reg D 506(c) for accredited investors only.
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1. Review the Investment Summary

2. Register on the Investor Portal
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3. Verify Accredited Investor Status
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4. Sign Documents and Wire Transfer Funds

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